American Cowboy Quick Draw Association

An Exciting New and Fun Shooting Sport !

established June 1, 2009

Full Size Targets, Simple Rules, Old West Style Gunfights.

Always be sure to check out our News link on the left for updates!!

 Join us for some real fun, we shoot at life-sized targets with wax bullets for a true old west style gunfight.

Targets can be painted as shown or just painted black as a silhouette.

Our rules are plain and simple, same as our equipment, safety and having a good time is our goal.

Everyone that has tried this have loved it so far, we intend to keep it fun and simple with an exciting Outlaw Class, Men's Class, Ladies Class, and Youth Classes. Our shooting is fast and furious, shoot till you hit, everyone that enters shoots the entire match, no sitting on the sideline watching, you paid to compete and that is what you will do. You do not need to be a member to participate, all quick draw shooters are welcome in this venue. Check out the About link for our rules.


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